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PI 300 Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap

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Item Number: PI 300

Whether it is athletics, hobbies or on the job, our wrists bear a lot of pressure. Its no wonder that carpal tunnel and tendinitis (also known as tendonitis) are such big problems. Ice can help prevent long-term damage that comes from typing, gardening, working or gripping a tennis racket or golf club. Icing also alleviates pain from injuries. But not just any cold pack will do. Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature for an hour, allowing the user to ice for 20 minutes on, 20 off and 20 on. Pro Ices wrist wrap, which extends from the base of the thumb to the midpoint of the lower arm, also combines compression. This helps keep the cold wrap in place, allowing the user to remain mobile, and also helps the ice deeply penetrate to where the pain relief is needed. Ice immediately after an activity to prevent long-term damage.

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