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Any product is only as good as the materials used to create it. Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products will outperform any cold pack on the market today, all while delivering convenience and cost effectiveness. Our focus provided users with a wrap they could trust to do the job; at the precise moment the job needs doing. We have a virtually zero return rate. Why, because 6 months after our customers purchase our wraps they feel they underpaid for the product.
What do you want in a product?
Best materials, ease of use, portability specific to sports applications?
How about consumer protection?
How about price?
How about all of the above?

Ice wraps have 4 basic components: the cover, the icing component, the body facing, and compression.

For the cover there are many “space age” materials all have their virtues
We picked VelTex as the virtues of this material encompassed the primary, secondary and tertiary usage needs better than any other material.
VelTex™ is a patented loop fabric made by Velcro™. It will not fray out and become unusable after multiple applications (consumer value). With the use of our compression straps (ending in Velcro™ hook material) this affords a custom fit to any size player (versatility). This also addresses the various injuries and specific isolated trouble spots of any joint or body area without painful over compression for some types of injuries (intelligent design).
VelTex™ also has an insulator that provides multiple functions. It directs the cold down toward the body where it is needed; it does not allow the cold to radiate away in all directions (increasing cold time). With its cloth outer facing it helps prevent condensation (uncomfortable wetness). For court sports this adds a safety component byproduct as it will not make floors wet.

For proper icing everyone recognizes real ice. For centuries it was the option of choice. As real ice sublimates it stays a constant 32F until it is liquid then it ramps up in temperature, giving perfectly controlled temperature (32F) for maximizing therapeutic and anesthetic value. The problem here is volume, comfort and safety. Picture a volleyball tourney. After a match of, players diving and suplexing into the gym floor, they walk out with a 5 pound bag of ice for each knee and an 8 pounder for their back saran wrapped to them. As they shuffle to the bus they cut them off and leave them on the bus floor to be able to sit for transport back home. They got the right temp but not for the right amount of time.

How about gel packs? For the most part they ramp up in temperature from the moment they get next to a heat source(human skin) they slump when vertical giving them uneven temperature distribution and when compressed actually give less coverage to that specific area. Non migrating gel packs lessen these negative aspects but pose additional threats. Some actually freeze too cold and require more stringent observation during treatment to prevent tissue damage, most have toxic ingredients that require treatment or a cleansing regimen if punctured.
All single cell gel packs are rendered useless with a single tear or puncture.

Our solution is the patented window pane format cryoblanket. Our cryoblankets, like water are non-toxic, FDA approved food grade non-toxic. They have distilled water, paraffin, and glycol in trace amounts whose FDA warning is “irritation, redness may appear in fractional amounts of population exposed directly to it”. Leakage and direct contact is extremely rare and again, ice and water themselves irritate and cause redness in small percentages of the populace.

What our inserts do achieve is phenomenal. They freeze (because of the glycol) at 27F. They sublimate like water keeping a constant 27F until all particles are liquid then start to ramp up in temperature (more slowly than water due to the paraffin). This temperature distribution window is 45 minutes to an hour providing perfect therapeutic and anesthetic application during normal 20-25 minute prophylactic icing and longer coverage up to an hour for pure pain relief. This is due to the retardation of the sublimation process from the paraffin.
The window pane format helps in various ways. It allows no slumping when vertical or horizontal, allowing perfect distribution of cold over the entire wrapped area. Our inserts are huge compared to most and still manage to weigh less. This allows us to give ice purists the quality of real ice with the convenience of a fraction of the weight, and more mobility, due to the hinge-like properties of the windowpane format. Oh yeah, compression, when you compress the cryoblanket against the treatment area the ice within the windowpane area can only go where you want it to. Again problem solved.

Pro Ice wraps last hours longer in our double insulated or any portable cooler.
This means they are game ready requiring no external power source for any away game and immediate non- locker/treatment room application.
One more added bonus if you puncture them you lose but one windowpane the wrap remains viable.

Bonus number two: all our wraps have removable inserts. You can wash your wrap and not prematurely age the ice. You can replace the consumed cryoblanket and not have to buy another wrap. And, you can buy additional inserts for other icing applications like staying cool for motocross or anesthetic extension and pain relief. You can also just buy inserts for the office and home without the expense of more wraps.

Just a note here….. some of our competitors use a purified or pasteurized water insert in a windowpane format. It does not have the staying power of Pro Ice for travel or extended use and is often higher priced. Unbelievable.

We simply use a nylon net or webbing .
It is naturally anti-microbial lessening odor and health risks and provides a small cushion to lessen initial cold reaction while the giving the cold time to reach anesthetic levels gradually. As opposed to other facings it takes less time for cold penetration this minimize treatment time at correct temperature.

We chose compression straps over a compression fabric cover for a reason. First, if the whole unit compresses when fit size is maximized the unit may over compress. We do not know or assume how big or small our customers will be. Our competitors often have tearing of the wraps as they attach to themselves, not a strap, and larger humans have to put pressures beyond the norm on them in order to utilize them. Our straps allow for gentle and strong compression. Even after they lose elasticity during years of use they work as bandages do by merely wrapping them with tension before applying the Velcro™ hook ends anywhere on the cover. This extends practical use.
Also, because of the adjustable compression and the ability to hook anywhere to the cover you get added benefits. Hooking anywhere to the cover allows you to custom apply the ice to any injury on any size human. Take a shoulder unit… if you have more pectoral problems stretch the compression strap over the pec muscle to increase compression there. Scap problems? Ditto. Or how about a rib injury you can apply ice that will stay on and not add extra pain from compression while the rib is healing.
Think Pro Ice.