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Using Pro Ice

Remove insert and place flat in freezer.
You may also place the entire wrap in the freezer. If this is your preferred method, then place wrap in a zip lock bag prior to placing in your freezer. This will create a moisture and vapor barrier to help prevent possible freezer/refrigerator odors (such as onions) from being absorbed into the wrap.
Do not roll the inserts as this allows for only the outside cells to be frozen. When the inside cells begin to freeze they will have no room for expansion and will burst.
It will take approximately 4-5 hours for the insert to become completely frozen.
Note: You can leave the insert in the freezer when not in use so it will be ready when needed.

Maintaining Proper Temperature
During use the inserts will remain at a constant 27 degrees until the last pillow has thawed. This will take approximately 1 to 2 hours. Then the insert will slowly rise in temperature.
Note: Do not place the insert in ice (such as in an ice chest) as the insert freezes at 27 degrees and ice freezes at 32 degrees. The ice will raise the temperature of the insert and ultimately decrease the efficiency and effectiveness.
Note: Do not attempt to heat the inserts, either in the oven or microwave as excessive heat will compromise the pillows and ruin the inserts. This will also void the (1) year warranty.

Recommended Icing Sequence:
Apply icing at intervals of 20 minutes on / 20 minutes off 2-4 times following athletic event. Increase interval length and frequency as needed. The ice insert will maintain a consistent temperature for 60-90 minutes; additional ice inserts can lengthen the therapy time.
During the first 10-15 minutes of use, apply the cold therapy loosely; as the cold therapy wrap begins to conform to the affected body part, tighten the compression straps to receive maximum benefits of medical grade icing.
Note For better comfort, the wrap can be applied over clothing such as t-shirts. This will not lessen the effectiveness.

Caring for Your Pro Ice Cold Therapy Wrap

Pro Ice cold therapy products are built to last. Unlike single-use ice packs, Pro Ice will continue to provide maximum cold therapy benefits to your aching shoulder, neck, cervical collar, elbow, knee, quad, hamstring, ankle, shin, lower back, lumbar, hip or ankle.
To keep your cold therapy wrap at its best:
1). Handwash and air dry
Remove insert, hand wash sleeve in cold water using a mild dishwashing detergent such as joy. To dry you can either hang the sleeve or lay out flat on top of a towel. Do not place in the dryer as this will shrink the elasticity of the nylon Velcro straps. This will also void the (1) year warranty.
2). No need to worry
Should an ice insert become damaged, note that the liquid in the pillows is made of a non toxic food grade material. So, if one of the pillows happens to leak you can feel at ease as the liquid is not harmful.
3). Keep the wrap viable for multiple uses.
If using the wrap over a couple of days(such as travel baseball and weekend tournaments) we do have extra inserts and a double insulated carry bag available.