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PI 301 Ice Insert Set for PI 300 Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap

Price: $15.95
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Item Number: PI 301
Manufacturer: Diversified Sports Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: PI 301

Pro Ice cold therapy wrist wrap is ideal for anyone with recurring wrist or carpal pain. But in certain cases, more icing relief is needed. Pro Ices cold pack maintains a consistent temperature for an hour. This cold therapy product promotes the optimal icing solution: ice for 20 minutes, remove for 20 minutes and ice again for 20 minutes more. But for some dramatic cases, such as with an injury or post surgery pain relief, more icing is needed. An additional ice insert (PI 301) can double the icing time of the wrist wrap (PI 300). Because the wrist wrap is portable and can be used while continuing activities, an additional ice insert is ideal for the workplace where repetitive stress pain may flare up throughout the day. Simply remove one ice insert and replace with the additional one for extended pain relief. This offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Yet another hallmark of Pro Ice's ability to outperform any instant cold pack or reusable cold pack on the market today. Use and Care of Your Pro Ice Product

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