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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products have been used to keep athletes in play since 1991.

Our Pitcher’s Kit was developed to help relieve the violent motions that come along with a pitcher’s movements and to help restore the shoulder and elbow. We quickly discovered that teams were using our cold therapy products to ice others as well. Pro Ice then developed an entire line of reusable cold packs that could offer immediate relief for the most taxed body parts. Pro Ice products have a variety of uses beyond the field of play as well.

Our focus on quality products has meant that athletes and non-athletes alike can get the right wrap for the job, at the exact moment the job needs doing. In the years since, Pro Ice has found applications in the work place, the home and in other sporting venues as well. Whether it’s helping a mixed martial arts athlete relieve the acute pain after a match or helping a factory worker prevent repetitive stress injuries after a day on the job, Pro Ice intends to bring relief to the millions of Americans who suffer any type of pain.

In virtually every area of pain, icing has proven its worth. But there are countless icing products on the market. How does Pro Ice stack up? In any measure, Pro Ice will come out on top, a position we’ve grown accustomed to as the top choice for professional, college and sporting leagues since 1991. Let’s explore some of the key criteria for most effective icing:

Consistent temperature: For icing to be most effective, it must maintain an even temperature. Pro Ice will hold at a steady 27 degrees for up to an hour, allowing for an optimal icing experience. For those in intense pain, or who have a strenuous physical activity, simply swap out the icing insert for another hour of relief. Pro Ice will not melt, meaning there’s no condensation, no water dripping down the sleeve or pants leg and no puddle left behind.

Compression: As mentioned above, icing also works best when paired with compression. Pro Ice’s compression straps keep the ice right where it hurts, allowing the cold to penetrate deep into the muscle. The patented windowpane design also hugs closely to the body. The compression strap not only keeps pressure on the affected body part, but also allows the user to remain mobile. There’s no need to sit with the affected body part propped up for an hour.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness: Pro Ice is designed for multiple uses, making it more economical than single-use icing. It also is made of the highest quality, durable material. Its Veltex wrap can be handwashed and air dried. And in the unlikely event that the windowpane is punctured, the remainder of the ice pack continues to be useful. The ice pack can be replaced on its own, with no need to purchase the whole kit. The ice pack itself is comprised of a non-toxic, water-based solution. It also is easy to use, allowing a person to apply it to himself.

Measure for measure, dollar for dollar, Pro Ice delivers a superior cold therapy wrap for anyone who ever aches.

Though Pro Ice has evolved well beyond treating one player in one sport, we remain committed to relieving pain and injury—and improving quality of life—for all of its users. Pro Ice was developed with simplicity in mind and an uncomplicated mission: to deliver a natural, environmentally friendly pain relief for all who suffer.

But Pro Ice cold therapy is only as good as our wraps. To learn more about the science behind Pro Ice and why it is simply the best cold therapy product on the market today, click here.