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PI 500 Ankle Cold Therapy Wrap

Price: $49.95
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Item Number: PI 500
Manufacturer: Diversified Sports Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: PI 500

Provide cold therapy to hard-to-ice areas including the ankle, instep and Achilles tendon with Pro Ice cold therapy ankle wrap. Ankle strains, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis all can be alleviated by icing. Using a superior cold therapy system like Pro Ice delivers non-toxic pain relief. Icing after repetitive stress or overuse can prevent long-term damage that leads to chronic pain. Pro Ice delivers a consistent temperature, creating the ultimate icing experience. Compression straps allow the ankle wrap to be used on ankles of all sizes. The straps not only provide compressiona critical element in healing from an injurybut also keep the wrap securely in place, delivering the ice therapy right where its needed. Use and Care of Your Pro Ice Product

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PI 501 Ice Insert Set for PI 500 Ankle Cold Therapy Wrap
Nagging ankle injury that just wont stop hurting? Pro Ice Cold Therapy Ankle Wrap (PI 500 ) can certainly help to ease the pain and help the body heal. But for extreme pain or a serious injury, extend the icing ability with an additional ice insert.